Scorpio Modif Supermoto 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Currently a variety of motor sport available on the market. Almost every manufacturer has a variant of "motor man". But in terms of modifications Supermoto, Yamaha Scorpio champion.
Scorpio  Modif Supermoto 2012 

The Scorpio  Modif Supermoto 2012 model is claimed to be the most easily applied to dirt bike distinctive style that combined asphalt tires. This was revealed by the retainer Abah Motor, Nandang Permana.

"Scorpio easiest because the case was very supportive." said the man who is familiarly called Abah.

Furthermore, this friendly man reveals secrets Supermoto Scorpio is easy to modify. "Cut the rear frame and is made up slightly for ngepasin rada same trail as the body KTM, Honda CRF or Hyosung." he said.

"Out of the new order of the legs such as upside down, swing arm, front and rear spakbor." further grandfather of two grandchildren.For the replacement of the suspension Abah fully devolved to the consumer because this part requires no small amount of money.
"We recommend using the upside down so that the higher aluminum swing arm and make it wider in order to get wide wheels and tires, let me look more leverage," he added.
"we give life upside down reference Honda CRF 250, CRF pake arm or Yamaha YZ. konsumenlah taste." lid.

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